Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Friday, March 05, 2010

Lilly's Almost 2 yrs old!

Lilly's birthday is in 13 days and she will be 2! Where has the time gone? I can't even believe my baby is a toddler! She is talking a lot now and she's a tough little girl. She likes to push other kids when she doesn't get her way and she LOVES to take Connor's toys and run for her life when he comes after her.

Connor is such a good big brother (at times) though. He tries to take care of her and today he even changed her pull up! I found them in his room and he was doing a good job, but when it was time for her next change, I told him I'd do it. ha ha He said "Come on sissy, lets change your butt". She got mad when I told her that I was changing her and said "No, Bubbies". She loves her big brother and loves to copy everything he does. That is a good and bad thing. She can count and sing some of her ABC's by listening to him, but she also learns his bad habits. He screams "Help" when he can't get something he wants and today she started screaming for help as well.

We joined MOPs at Connections church in Canton and it's nice to get the kids playing with other kids while I get to meet up with other moms for a couple hrs. I have no problems with Connor because he will make friends wherever he goes. However, Lilly will cry for me everytime I leave her. She still does it at church also and has been going to the nursery since she was like 7 mos old!

We went to Connor's conference for pre-school a couple weeks ago and got lots of praises for how smart he is! I was very glad to hear it. I knew he was smart, but it was nice hearing it from his teachers. They said he's very good with numbers. He can recognize all the lower #'s so the are spending time with him on higher ones like #47. They gave me a few pointers on things to do at home with him too but it went really well. He's my big boy! He says the cutest things sometimes and it just cracks me up! He tells me "mommy I love you so reary reary reary much" (He's getting really and very confused I guess). It's so sweet and I just love to snuggle with him.

Lilly is very sweet and cuddly too (when she wants to be). She hss been going through a phase of wanting a binky and bottle and to be rocked and wrapped up like a baby in a blanket. Let me just say, she has NEVER taken a binky, so not sure what the deal is. I keep telling her she's a big girl, not a baby but of course my sister, nephew, niece and parents will snuggle her up and rock her like a baby and she just LOVES it. Then expects me to do it at home. ha ha

Ok that's all for now.