Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

I can't believe I haven't posted since August. The kids keep me really busy these days and I usually post my pictures on facebook now so I've been neglecting the blog.

Connor is almost 3.5yrs old and in a christian pre-school 2 days/wk for 2hrs. He seems to enjoy school even though he can't seem to sit stll most of the time. I can tell a lot of changes in him though since he started school. Some changes for the better (like with taking turns, sharing, etc) but he's very mouthy now and does things he would've never considered doing in the past. I am wondering if he is watching other kids in his class act this way OR if it's just his age. Not sure but he is handful. Yet he is the most polite little boy and so sweet and loving and telling me all the time how much he loves me. It melts my heart! He's been somewhat potty-trained since around Oct. He wears big boy underwear but still doesn't want to poop on the potty. He's done it a few times but will prefer waiting for his night-time pull up. He's not really napping these days so he's pooping less with only 1 pull up at night :)

Lilly is 21 mos old and is really coming into her own little person. She's not my baby girl anymore, but a toddler and the terrible two's have already hit her! She blessed us on Christmas with peeing on the potty, and has been going ever since. However, she is still in the learning process and pee's in her pull up if I don't take her to pee on the potty. She likes using the potty though because she feels like a big girl. She copies everything her big brother does and they LOVE to fight!!! Most of my days are breaking up fights or giving time outs! She likes to bite so we are trying to break her of that habit.

We had a great Christmas and New Year and are very blessed with what we have and our two wonderful "Miracles"!

Enjoy some pic's of the kids :)