Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cedar Point

I went to Cedar Point on Monday (June 8) with Connor and took my friend's daughter Trinity for him to ride with. My sister went with me and we took my niece and her friends because their school was going to be there the same day. It was a fun day and I have cute pictures of Connor & Trin-Trin to post.

Lilly's doing good and growing every day. Her little hair is finally long enough for low pigtails and it's so cute that way (when she leaves them in).

Oh I also have a few cute videos to share! In this one, Connor is singing Gospel with Alan Jackson.

This video is of our dog, Belle's, Birthday.

This video is of Connor cheering on his little sissy.

This video Connor's jumping in with his friends Cooper & Abby.

This video is of Connor and Trin-Trin riding the bumper boats. Connor kept spinning in circles.

This video is Connor & Trin-Trin trying to ride the bumper cars...Again he keeps going in circles at first. Watch how slow they go. It's too funny!

I love the pic of Connor & Charlie Brown because since he was a baby I thought he looked like him with the same shaped head, ears and hardly any hair. LOL