Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well we finally got some spring weather in the last month but today it was colder than it has been. The kids and I have been outside a lot during the day to burn up some of their energy and they both LOVE playing in the dirt! Especially if it's still wet from rain the day before and has turned to mudd. I've just kinda learned to "deal with it" and let them get dirty. Lilly eats the dirt sometimes if I'm not watching and Connor loves throwing it all over her. ha ha

Lilly is walking and all over the place. She started fully walking right before she turned 13 mos old. She is into everything and loves to climb on top of everything.

Connor's new favorite show is "Imagination Movers". I guess the Thomas the Train phase is fizzling out. He still likes Thomas and Bob the Builder, but loves to dance and sing along with the Imagination Movers (on Disney channel). We have their CD in the car and always have to listen to it while watching a dvd. ha ha I've gotten to wear I find myself singing along to their songs as well. ha ha

Connor's growing into a little boy lately. He is starting to like "playing" with other kids instead of just playing "next" to others. He LOVES playing with his cousin Connor (who just turned 3) and it's so cute to watch the 2 of them together. Our Connor calls him "cousin Connor". lol He doesn't just say "Connor". Also he will go up to people and point to himself and say "I Connor". ha ha He likes playing with his sissy too and they used to go play in his room until they pulled all the clothes outta his dresser and took all the toys outta his toybox in there. So, for now, they are no longer allowed to play in there. ha ha

Lilly's been trying to talk more and more. She points to everything now and says "Dat" which means "that". She is very motherly to her dolls and stuffed animals. She loves to cuddle with them. She is completely bottle free now! Hooray for the big girl!!! Her little hair is getting so long while Connor's just keeps getting more curly! She's been cutting teeth for the last few months and now has so many teeth when she smiles. lol She enjoys dancing to the Imagination Movers too (she was just doing it, so it made me think of that).

Anyways, enjoy some pictures of the kids.