Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where's the time gone?

Ok I'm really getting bad at posting on here because I'm addicted to Facebook! I post all my pic's and news there but hubby was complaining about no recent posts...Not sure why, he sees the kids everyday and knows what's going on with them. lol

Lets see, Lilly turned 1yr old on March 18th. We had a birthday party for her at an indoor swimming pool. She loved it because she loves swimming and so did all the other kids.

She's somewhat walking now. She's getting more confident and taking more steps and can even stand from sitting without holding onto anything. She says mamma, dada, bubba(brother), ni-ni (nite nite), bye-bye, Hi (that's her favorite word), eyes (and touches her eyes when she says it, and EIEI trying to sing EIEIO with Connor. She tries to sing ABC when Connor sings it but it's just the sound not the actual words. She's definately a drama queen. If she doesn't get her way she gets REALLY mad and throws her little body to the floor in a tantrum and screams bloody murder! I'm not used to this because Connor never did that! She's also a climber. He wasn't like that either. She climbs up on his bed and then falls off sometimes. She climbed up onto the top of his bed (it's a fire truck bed) and was sitting by the little siren light (night light). We still haven't figured out how she got up there! She is just into everything.

Connor's such a big boy these days. He talks really well and sings all the time. But boy, he is in his terrible two's right now and they are really bad!!! We started a reward system to help him listen better but sometimes he just doesn't care about getting his "very special surprise" if he earns 3 coins (poker chips) in his rewards jar. Like today, he decided to spit chocolate milk all over me. Ughhhhhhh! I noticed he really does things he shouldn't do if I am on the phone or the computer. I know it's because he wants my attention but it drives me crazy! He is so funny though. Some of the things he says cracks me up. He tells Lilly "Yayyyyy Sissy, good boy" when she is trying to walk. Or he will say "Hmmm let's think" or his new favorite word is "I can't" when we ask him to do something. lol He figured out how to open our sliding glass door and let the dogs out, but he let sissy out too and she fell and bumped her head! We had to put a safety latch on it.

Both kids are so precious and I am so blessed to have them. We've been going to church on a regular basis for about 6 mos now and it's so cute to see him come home and talk about Jesus. Yesterday when we left church he said "Bye Jesus". lol He enjoys the singing so we usually bring him outta the nursery at the end of the service so he can sing and dance. lol

We dyed Easter Eggs on Fri and went to a birthday party on Saturday for my friend's daughter's 1st bday. He had a blast! Then he was full of sugar on Easter from the Easter basket and the Easter Egg Hunt and the desserts he was sneaking. He crashed big time at the end of the day and had some major meltdowns. It was to be expected though after a long day of sugar and no nap!
Well here are some picture for you from the last few months:)

Lilly getting into some kleenex

Connor upset because he wants more candy for breakfast!

The kids on Valentine's day!