Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Monday, October 06, 2008

Lilly's New Outfit

Here's a couple pic's of Lilly's new outfit. She wore it to church on Sun. I love how her little shoes and leggings match the shirt and the skirt has flowers on it too but don't think you can see them in the pics. They are blurry because they were from my cell phone.

I also wanted to add some recent pictures of her now that she can sit by herself. I still prop the boppy pillow behind her in the front room since it's hard wood floors with just a big area rug in case she does decide to fall over. She is learning to scoot backwards and has started getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth now. You will see in the last picture she ended up under our end table. I came into the room and was like "Ok how did you get under there?" ha ha She scooted and rolled her way there I guess. She's also the queen of silly faces as you will see in the pictures.

She was blowing bubbles in this picture. She loves to make that rasberry/spitting sound.

We took Connor & Lilly on a couple wagon rides and they both loved it. Here's a couple pictures of that too.


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