Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Thursday, June 05, 2008

More pic's

Lilly is 11 wks old now. She had her 2 mos immunizations a couple weeks ago. I took a pic of her in the dr office prior to getting the shots. She was happy as can be until the lady poked her. She held her breath for a few seconds before she cried. It broke my heart. Later in the week she got her ears pierced and cried for a minute but was ok afterwards. She is sleeping through the night a lot of the time and other nights she wakes up only once. I'm happy to be getting a little more sleep again. lol She hasn't been throwing up anymore so I think she outgrew that finally. We switched her back to Goodstart formula now and she's doing great on it so far. She eats about 5oz a feeding now.

Connor is getting so big and talking a lot more. He says "ming ming" and "kuk" for tuck on the Wonder Pets show. He loves that show and he loves Mickey Mouse. He watches it "On Demand" on Cable all the time. LOL He knows every character on the show and says "De-De" for Daisy and "Duck" for Donald when the show comes on. He has the toy figures of the characters and when you ask "where's goofy, where's mickey, etc" he will pick up each one. I didn't even know he knew who they were. LOL He loves to dance and really gets his groove on when he's dancing. It's adorable! He loves playing outside and going down the slide is his favorite thing outside. I took him to the school playground to let him go on their slide.

Well enjoy the pictures:)


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