Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cute Videos & Bff's

I wanted to post 2 cute videos. One is of Connor doing his "hot dog" dance from Mickey Mouse clubhouse. It's really blurry cause it was taken from a cell phone.

The other one is of Connor sniffing Lilly's foot. ha ha He is so silly! He loves to sniff people's feet. LOL

Also wanted to share some pictures of Lilly with her BFF, Keagan, and Keagan's big sis (Connor's woman), Trinity:)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Terrible Two's Already

My boy is officially a toddler! He isn't even 2 yrs old yet, but boy is he getting into the terrible 2's! He loves to pull the toilet paper off the roll and stuff it into the toilet. He loves to grab my cell phone when I'm not looking, although I've told him "NO" numerous times. He loves to splash in the dogs water and put his toys in it, and he loves to get on our laptop and pretend he's typing. He also likes to climb now. Today I was in the bedroom doing something and came out to check on him. I thought he was in the playroom, but found him sitting on top of my kitchen table with his hand swishing around in my cup of pop and saying "Pop" and licking his fingers. It was too cute for me not to take a picture of it before telling him "no no".

Lilly is almost 2 mos now. She smiles and coo's and loves to look around at everything. She is such a sweet little girl but boy does she have a temper on her. She started sleeping in her crib a couple weeks ago, and I think me and her both are sleeping better now. She usually goes 5-8hrs at night before waking up for a bottle. One night last week she actually slept from 9pm til 8:30am! Of course she was extremely hungry when she finally woke up.

Enjoy the pictures:)