Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring is in the air

The last couple days have been so nice outside. We took Connor and Lilly for a walk and then let Connor play outside in his new sandbox. He loved it and loved playing "ball". I have pictures to post of him outside but they are still on my camera at home so I will have to post them later.

In other news, we got a new member to our family besides Lilly. We got Gus, a tortoise. LOL He is Connor's pet and was given to us by a friend of Don's. He's 4 yrs old and Connor thinks he's really cool! He stays in Connor's room and every morning when he wakes up he points to Gus's cage and mumbles something. ha ha We have a cute picture of Connor and Gus but of course it's on my camera too. I'll post the picture of Gus that I do have for now.

Lilly is doing good and getting big. She's almost 3wks old already and up to 4oz on some feedings. She is a piggy girl and weighed 9lbs, 3.5 oz last wk at the dr office. She has been having issues with projectile vomiting because she's eating too much too fast. We changed her formula to a thicker kind (Enfamil A.R. Lipil) and it's helping her to keep it down. She hasn't projectile vomited in almost a week but did throw up yesterday when daddy took her for a walk. I think she was just full and didn't burp good and got motion sickness. lol She must've inherited that from me. ha ha

Anyways, enjoy some pic's. Lilly has a grumpy look on her face, but I love the outfit she's wearing! Also check out the video of Connor riding his 4-wheeler at my parents house today :)