Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Friday, December 07, 2007

I wanted to post a video of Connor playing with cousin Ashley. She keeps hiding from him and he chases after her and squeals when he finds her. He loves to play this game with her. The video is kinda dark because my digital camera takes crappy videos, but you can still see him running after her.

We has a great Thanksgiving and hopefully everyone else did. I'll post a picture of the Connors sitting on my mom's lap. You can tell that Connor is very disturbed that he has to share his "Mamaw" with his cousin Connor (my mom is his great-aunt). He's very spoiled when it comes to my parents. He can say "Mamaw" & "Papa" now. He stayed with them the other night and wouldn't let them out of his sight. When they would try to leave the room to do anything he would do a fake cry and then they would fall over over him saying "Oh, it's ok". Good grief, grandparents. LOL

His vocabulary seems to be expanding daily. He makes more animal sounds and tries to repeat anything we tell him to say. Sometimes you can understand him, but sometimes you can't. My sister taught him to say "no no no" when you ask "what does mommy say". He tries to sing songs when we are singing. He changes the tone of his little voice into this soft tone, but just mumbles his own words. His favorite thing to do lately is look at books. He will sit by himself in his playroom and take out all his books and look at them. He likes to bring them to me (or whoever's there) to read them to him. I think Santa will be bringing him more books too. He also likes to sit in the family room by the Christmas Tree at my parents and listen to Christmas music. He's so funny. He will sit there forever with my mom staring at the tree and listening to music.

He's been teething lately. He has 5 teeth coming in at once now. I think I mentioned in the last post he was getting his other front tooth and 2 eye teeth on top. Now he's getting 2 molars on the bottom also. They've all broken the skin but you can't really see them yet. I feel bad for him but he seems to be handling it like a trooper. He did wake up last night crying and was restless when he slept. I'm sure it was from his mouth. I think his "binky" helps him with the teething but I need to think about weaning him from it. He's weaned from his bottle (except at my parents or sister's house) but I just can't bare to take the binky from him yet.

We went to the Dr for his 15 mos immunizations earlier in the week. He weighs 24lbs and is 32.25 inches long. She said he was in the 25-50th percentile for his weight I think but his poor head is in the 90th percentile. LOL That didn't surprise me because he has a pretty big noggin. LOL He did great with the shots. He was ticked off about it as usual but only cried for a second til she was done.

Well I'm going to leave you with some pictures. I think I forgot to mention he loves playing in the dogs cage. There's one of him sitting with Livvy and he shut the door on them. LOL Also notice the one where he's sitting ON TOP of his table instead of in the chair.