Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone before I forget.

Connor now says "Nahhhhhhhhh" when you ask "what does a cow say". LOL That's how he "mooooooooos". It's the funniest thing! He's been diving off the couch onto the dog's bed, and last week took a dive, head first, out the door and onto the cement porch. I felt sooooooooo terrible, but he didn't even cry! He's been bumping his head a lot lately. I hope it doesn't do any permanent damage. He's into EVERYTHING lately. I keep all the doors shut, cabinets locked and he still manages to find stuff he isn't supposed to be playing with. He likes to stand up in his high chair when he thinks he's all done. I have to figure out where I put the straps to it so I can strap him in again. The other day he was touching the TV and I told him "NO" and he smiled at me. Then he walked back towards the TV and I pointed my finger at him as if to say "Don't even think about it" and he looked at me and pointed his little finger at me! I had to turn my head because I started laughing and didn't want him to see me smiling. It was the funniest thing ever to see that little finger point at me. Oh he's sooooooooo defiant lately. He's totally developing his little personality and he does not like to be fed because he has to feed himself. He's obsessed with Tractors. We were looking at the Toy ad's and he started saying "Tac-ta" (tractor). I had to go back to the previous page and see if there was a tractor on it. Sure enough, there was a toy John Deere. I said "Connor, show mommy where the tractor is" and he pointed right to it! I was shocked that he realized what it was and what I was saying. He's a smart little booger, if I do say so myself. LOL Yes a mom has the right to brag about her child.

Here are a few pic's of Connor and his big cousin Connor playing together. They haven't quite figured out how to "take turns" yet. LOL

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween Pic's

Has it really been a month since I posted last? Goodness time flies. I have a bunch of pictures I wanted to post from Halloween, Pumpkin Carving, and from a Fall Party that Nana's work put on. Connor went on a wild hayride, bounced in the Moonwalk, and played on the swing and slide. It was a lot of fun.

Connor was Elmo for Halloween since he loves Elmo so much. He would look at himself in the mirror and just laugh. It was very cute. We took him trick or treating for a little bit and he did pretty good with it.

Ok time for updates. Connor can say "1...2...3..." although it sounds more like "unnnn, ewwwwwww, eeeeeeeeeeee" when he says it. It cracks me up to hear him count but I'm so proud of him. He also says "wanna go outside and ride the tractor" although it's really a jumbled mess of words but we know that's what he's trying to say. ha ha He learned that one day at my parents house. He was watching cousin Jimmy cut the grass and my mom and dad asked if he "wanted to go outside and ride the tractor". He repeated it and keeps saying it. Now he says "Wanna go outside" a lot but again, it's more of a jumble of words but we can tell that's what he is saying. I think a stranger would think we were crazy. lol He also roars like a monster when you ask him "What's a monster say". We've been working on what a cow says. He usually roars like a monster, but we keep trying to get him to moo. He will moo if we do, but not when you ask "what's a cow say".

It's very cute to see him trying to repeat the things we say. I was hoping he would not be a climber, but I'm thinking he will be. He just started climbing on the couch and trying to scale the back of it now. He also climbs on the coffee table at my parents house. His cousin Connor has been perfecting his climbing skills for a long time now and is only 3 mos older than Connor, so I was thinking maybe Connor just wouldn't be interested in climbing. Huh, I was wrong. I think it just took him longer to discover he could reach places by climbing. So now I have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't go falling off the back of the couch onto our wood floor.

Connor seems to be changing so fast. He's learning something new all the time. I just look at him in amazement some days and think about how much I love him. He is truly a miracle and I'm so thankful to have him.

I've been working with Connor to help me do little things like folding laundry. He likes to hand me the clothes to fold and when I say "thank you" he smiles and beams with pride, thinking he's a big boy and helping mamma. It's the cutest thing ever! I figured if I start having him be my little helper now, he will want to help me when the baby comes and not feel as jealous. I figured he could do things like get me a diaper, or bring me a bib or little things like that, to make him feel involved. Oh, I almost forgot,we found out that he's going to have a little sister. We're so excited to have one of each!

Ok here are some pictures.