Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Camping Connor


We took Connor on his first camping trip over the wknd. He enjoyed himself, but didn't want anything to do with the lake water. LOL He screamed the minute his toes touched it. He wasn't too thrilled about the sand either. He enjoyed eating all the camping food though. (Hotdogs, pasta salad, potatoes, brownies, cupcakes etc). I swear he chews like he has a mouthful of teeth but not one tooth has popped through yet! There's some pic's of him enjoying his cupcake. LOL

We went for his 9mos immunizations last week and he weighed 19lbs,9oz and was 29 inches long. I was confused about his length because they measured him in ER back in March and claimed he was 30 inches back then. Apparently they couldn't measure. LOL The nurse measured him twice last week to be sure she had the right length. He was fine with his shots though. He cried for a second cause he was mad but then was fine and playing again. He's a tough boy. LOL

My nephew is graduating this wknd, so hopefully Connor behaves during the Commencements! He has no interest in sitting still these days. He's constantly on the move and now he's pulling up on everything he can. When I went in his room this morning he was standing up in his crib (first time he's done that). I posted some pic's of it below.

Here's a funny video of Connor and his Nana White at the campground.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day and it was wonderful! We took Connor to the zoo to celebrate our little family. Mother's day was a big deal for me, because our struggles with infertility and the years I waited to become a mother. I remember being depressed on Mother's Day in years past. We had already been contacted by Connor's biological mom last Mother's Day, and I can remember hoping and praying that this year I would really be a mom and thinking how different it would be. It's such an awesome feeling. I love that little boy so much and he amazes me every day with all the new little things he learns. I feel the pain of those who are still waiting to be a mother. I've been where you are and I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that someday all your heartache and suffering will be worth it when you celebrate your first Mother's Day.

Connor's been busy doing lots of new things these days. He pulled up at my grandma's house over the wknd for the first time. My grandma has an old wooden stool that looks like a chair and he army crawled over to it and started to pull up to it. We moved it onto the carpet so it wouldn't slide away from him. He grabbed it, then pulled his knees closer to it, then pulled up. Of course he fell down almost right away, but hey, it's a start. ha ha He did it a couple more times and then was pooped from all the hard work. LOL It was a great Mother's Day gift for me though. Daddy took a video of him doing it again today and will post it at the bottom.
He also got his first "bump & bruise" on his head yesterday. I feel terrible because it was my fault. He fell off our bed because I wasn't watching him close enough. No more laying on the bed for him. We have hardwood floors and our bed is pretty high up, so I was paranoid he had a concussion. He screamed like I had never heard him scream before, but luckily I gave him his bottle and he calmed right down. Usually he doesn't drag out a cry forever if he's injured. I felt like a total dirtbag and "unworthy" of my Mother's Day gift. After talking to a few friends, I felt better hearing that their kids also fell off the bed at one point and it's a part of life. LOL He's a trooper though and never made another fuss about it. He was his usually smiley self after his bottle.
Our trip to the zoo was fun, but Connor was more interested in seeing his reflection through the glass near the animal exibits than actually looking at the animals. ha ha I knew he was too young to really enjoy it, but he had fun and it was a nice family outing. Connor managed to lose one of his shoes at the zoo. I guess he wanted to leave it behind for the animals. ha ha We bought him a cute hat at the zoo, and he tossed it out of the stroller at a store on the way home. Luckily we found it before we left there. I bought him another pair of the shoes today, and kept the "single" one in case we lose one of the new ones.
We're going to PA next wk to see Connor's great-grandma. She hasn't seen him since Jan, so she will be amazed at the changes in him. We're also going camping in a few weeks, so I'm excited to see how that goes. Luckily we're staying in a camper.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cousin Connor's B-day


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Connor has been keeping me very busy these days. . He's getting really quick with his army crawl now and I have to keep my eyes on him. Now if he wants you to hold him, he will follow you around and cry and grab your ankles so you will pick him up. It's so cute. ha ha He still doesn't have any teeth but he's been waking up in the night lately, crying and crying and once I give him tylenol and hold him for a few minutes he's fine. I'm not sure what's going on, so I assume he's teething. He's had a runny nose for a couple weeks and no other cold symptoms, which is another reason I think he's teething.

Last weekend, his big cousin Connor turned 1 year old and we went to his bday party. There was also another Connor there that turned 1 in March. It was so cute because the 2 older Connor's were standing by the door looking outside and then her comes our Connor scooting up to them. It was so cute to see the 3 of them together. They were all infatuated with the shoes by the door. ha ha (the pic's of the 3 babies are the 3 Connor's). The other pic of Connor and the other baby with the book is "Cousin Connor".

He hasn't started pulling up to anything yet, but I think it's gonna happen soon. He grabs onto things, and now he's starting to put everything in his mouth. For the longest time he wouldn't put things in his mouth. He still makes me hold his bottle and wants me to feed him, but I keep trying to encourage him to hold his own bottle (would make my life easier when we're out and about ha ha) and to feed himself fruit puffs.

Here's a video of Connor when he first started learning to crawl. He's much quicker now. LOL