Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Monday, April 30, 2007


Connor is officially crawling now. Well, actually it's more of an army crawl/dragging manuver, but it's getting him where he needs to go. He discovered he could move around on Saturday at my parents house. He does like an army crawl thing with his arms and keeps his belly on the ground, then pushes off with his left foot, and kinda just drags the right foot like it's useless. It's funny. Now mommy has to keep an eye on him at all times, because this morning I put him on the floor to play with his toys while I went into the office and downloaded some pic's from our camera. I heard our blinds moving and thought "hmm, what is that cause he's no where near them". I went to check on him and found him almost behind the couch and playing with my car keys that had fallen onto the ground. He had scooted/crawled all the way over there and under the end table to get where he was. When he saw me he started squealing. He thought he was big stuff. ha ha I thanked him for getting my keys and pulled him out. ha ha

Saturday was the Walk America for March of Dimes. I walk for in honor of my friend's little girl/Connor's future wife (Trinity). She's almost 3, but was born 11wks premature. This year Connor walked with mommy. Cousin Ashley and her friend also came with us. I was so darn sore the next day but it was for a wonderful cause. I recommend everyone go check out this blog: It's the website for a girl I know who's twins were born a couple months after Trinity but 16wks premature. It's a true miracle that both little girls are with her today, and March of Dimes is one of the reasons why!

After the walk, we had a birthday party to go too for my cousin, Jesse. It was at a park, and Connor went down the slide with Ashley, and got to swing for the first time. He seemed kinda scared at first, but then decided he loved it! He liked going high on it. We're getting him a little swing and slide set from my friend in the next few days. Trinity outgrew it, so Connor will enjoy playing on it.

I'm officially a "minivan mama" now. We traded in our Cadillac tonight and got the cool stow-n-go minivan from Dodge. I love it! I'm so excited about it and can't wait to drive it tomorrow. It will be so much easier to get Connor in and out of than the truck or car. It's just what we needed with having him and hopefully having a sibling for him in the next year or 2. We were at the dealer forever though. Connor was so good while we were there and finally conked out when he got into his car seat. He woke up for a few minutes when we got home but I put him to bed and he went back to sleep.

He's been waking up around 6am the last few days. He usually will go back to sleep after I change his diaper, but I am not sure why he's waking up. I'm wondering if he's going to get a tooth sometime soon because he's starting to chew on everything now.
There's a picture of Trinity and Connor in a cart together, and some from last wknd when we went to a bbq at my aunt's new house too. Also threw in a couple of him eating a fudge cicle.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Late Easter

Hello and Happy Belated Easter!

Connor had a nice Easter and got some goodies from the Easter Bunny and from his Aunts and Grandparents. Easter Bunny brought him a Diego play tent that's shaped like a rescue vehicle. He loved playing in it and I took some cute pic's of it.

We went to the outlet mall in Birch Run a couple days before Easter, and I got a ton of clothes for Connor to wear this summer. He will look so cute in them. I just love Baby Gap and The Children's Place! They have the cutest clothes and they fit him really well.

Connor had his Frenulotomy (I think that's what it's called) on April 5th. It's where they snipped the little piece of skin on his tongue that was making him "tongue-tied". The procedure went really well and we were in and out of the hospital within an hour. When he woke up in recovery, he wanted a his bottle. He was able to drink it without any problems and he never had a problem eating that day either. I've been noticing that he drools a lot more now. I think it's because he's not used to having his tongue free to move around instead of just sitting there and stopping the drool. ha ha Or maybe, he's cutting a tooth now but so far nothing has popped through.

Connor can now say "ba" for when he wants a "bite" of food. He said "Mama Ba" to me and I was thinking it was just a coincidence, but he said it again later. His new favorite word is "ba" though. He says it all the time but it's so cute when he sees me eating and then says "" and then gets upset if I don't give him one. He's eating a lot of "adult" food now. He eats green beans, mac-n-cheese, fruit, mashed potatoes, pasta (lasagna, mosticholli, stuffed shells, etc). He really enjoys eating and isn't too picky right now. I am still giving him baby food, but usually he'll eat adult food too. For breakfast I make him oatmeal with maple and brown sugar. He loves that and so do I. ha ha I've also given him mini pancakes.

He doesn't like to feed himself yet. He likes to hold it in his hand but wants me to feed him. He's not crawling yet either, but getting so close. He pulls himself into the "crawling" position from sitting now. He hasn't figured out how to get back in the sitting position from the crawling position though. He will rock back and forth in the crawling position but just hasn't figured out how to make himself move.

His other new thing as of yesterday is to make this horrible screeching sound with his voice. He did it at dinner tonight and we were in a little hole in the wall place where it wan't very loud. I was trying to "shush" him but he figured out pretty quick that if he made that noise, I would give him a bite faster. He had some mexican rice and beans at dinner and a couple bites of my enchilda. ha ha He also ate some baby food for dinner. He has definately gotten his appetite back from being sick!

Talk to you soon :)