Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Friday, March 30, 2007

Getting Back to Good

Connor's feeling much better now and daddy is over the "bug" as well. ( He caught it on Tuesday). Since it's been nice this week, we've gone on a couple walks and also went outside to play in the grass. Nothing beats some good ole fashioned "sunshine".

We've been trying to "un-do" what Connor got used to while he was sick. We held him all the time while he was sick, so now he screams bloody murder if we put him down. Before he was sick, he would lay in his crib for his nap and cry for a couple minutes and then go to sleep. Now, he's not having it! We let him "cry it out" for a while the other day and finally caved in and and picked him up & gave him a bottle to help him go to sleep. He fell asleep in daddy's arms but the minute he put him in bed, Connor started crying again. Arrghhh. Yesterday, was an even bigger battle to get him to take his nap. He woke up when I put him down and then screamed like he was being tortured. I'm sure my neighbors must've thought he was. lol It's very frustrating to hear him cry so much, especially when he was so good about naps & bedtime before. I was so proud of myself thinking that I had managed to beat the bedtime battle by starting him out early sleeping in his crib, going down for naps and bedtime while still awake, etc and then he gets sick and every darn thing we knew went out the window! LOL So now we are trying to get him back into his old routine. Luckily tonight he didn't wake up when daddy put him to bed. It doesn't help either when we go to mamaw & papaw's and great-mamaw's and they hold him and give him whatever he wants. We've been to see them a couple times this week, so he's still getting "spoiled". ha ha I guess we'll try to get our normal routine back on track next week. Another thing I noticed about his naps this week are that they're very short. He usually sleeps 1-2hrs in the morning and about 40-60min in the afternoon. Now he's sleeping about 20min or so instead. Which of course leads to him being overtired and the meltdowns at naptime. Lord help me! LOL

We're taking him to a wedding tomorrow so his sleep will be all messed up then too. Hopefully I can get him to nap a little while we're shopping in the morning. (I have to find something to wear to the wedding).

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sick Baby

Thursday night we took Connor to the ER because he threw up again in the evening. The dumb ER doc said he wasn't bad enough for an IV but never did any bloodwork on him. They had us giving him 5ml of formula every 5 min for about an hour or so in the ER and then sent us home. He said if he wasn't getting better the next day to bring him back or take him to his Dr.

On Friday, Connor seemed like he was a little better when he first woke up. However, after his nap, he woke up with a completely dry mouth (a sign of dehyrdation). Then he threw up all of his formula from breakfast and was just miserable! He kept throwing up when I gave him pedialyte, so my sister, niece and I took him to the ER again. This time we saw another Dr who said he was definately sick and needed an IV. She also gave us medicine for his severe diaper rash (butt paste, it's AWESOME) and Nystatin or something like that because he had a yeast infection from the diaper rash. She also did bloodwork on him. When the results came in, she said "The good news is his white blood cell count looked good," (my heart totally sunk because I new there was bad news and all kinds of things went running through my head), "but the bad news is, his electrolyte count was very low and he's severely dehydrated, so he will have to be admitted!" So they got him hooked on a IV and they admitted him into the hospital. They were going to let us go home on Sat evening, but I decided to keep him overnight and leave Sun morning to make sure he was getting better and not gonna have a relapse.

He is home now and yesterday he was very whiny and you could tell he still didn't feel too great but the diarrehea was less frequent. He went to bed at 7:30pm (actually so did daddy and I) and he slept til 7:30am this morning. He is much much better today and had some substance in his poop this morning instead of diarrhea!

The nurses at St Joe were so nice but one was my favorite. Her name was "nurse Brenda". She was his nurse for 2 days and I liked her way better because she came to check in on him often.

Oh we had a massacre incident while we were in the hospital. Connor's IV came apart (not out of his hand, just unplugged). I looked down and there was blood everywhere! I rand the nurse button 3 times and nobody responded so I ran into the hall with blood all over my hands and saw a tech or cleaning person and said "I need a nurse, his IV came out!!!" I realized this man was standing outside the door from the room right next too us and his eyes got huge when he noticed all the blood on my hands! LOL What a sight I must've been! ha ha I probably scared the crap out of him. ha ha

Oh, did I mention that Friday was daddy's 30th birthday? He got to spend it in the hospital with his son. LOL We were going to have a family dinner originally with just the 3 of us and then get together with our familes on Sun. We did end up having the Sun dinner yesterday afternoon though because we got released around 10am or so.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The "Bug"

Connor woke up at 2am on Monday night (Tues morning actually) throwing up. I first thought he just spit up his formula and dinner from sinus drainage from the darn sickness & bad cough he's had for a week. No such luck! He threw up again within a few minutes and then the diarrehia (sp?) kicked in. He barfed 7 times from 2-6:30am and I hadn't gone to bed yet when he got up at 2am sick. Finally at 7am I fell asleep for 2hrs and then woke up again to him crying. He didn't barf after 6:30am but he had the runs, so Don came home from work to help me and let me take a nap. He got some pedialyte for Connor and we gave it to him all day instead of formula. Last night he seemed better and ate bananas for dinner and kept them down. I slept on an air mattress in his room to make sure he was ok and so I would hear him if he did get sick. He slept all night without getting sick, except when I woke him up changing his diaper from the diarrehia. He got up around 8:30am and I gave him a bottle. About an hour later I fed him 1/2 a jar of bananas. When he went down for his nap he spit up a little (or so I thought). About an hour later, he was in his excersaucer while I was getting ready( so we could run out to the store). He was whining and mumbling "maaa maaa", so I looked down and he had puked all over the exersaucer! I was like "oh no not again". So I called the DR again and they said to keep giving him a few sips of the pedialyte every 5 min for 4hrs, so it can absorb in his belly and he could hopefully keep it down. He didn't puke anymore after that. About 6hrs of later, I gave him a watered down bottle of formula, then gave him cereal (just a little bit) around 7pm. Lets hope it stays down. The whole "runs" thing is really doing a number on his his poor little bottom, because it is raw! I've been putting desitin and/or A&D Ointment on it but he screams when I change his diaper now. He has been whiny and cranky and wanting to be held all day. It's so pitiful to see him so sick. It sucks that he got this after being sick with the bronchiolits and having the breathing treatments. We finally finished the breathing treatments a few days ago, so he had a little break before getting sick again. I hated to see him dry heaving. That was the worst because he was so helpless and so weak. I wanted to cry for him and at one point I started too. My sister brought him some pedialyte popsicles today and he really likes them. I just hope he's better tomorrow. I am also hoping that Don and I do not catch this mess!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Six Month Pictures

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Germs & Balls...

It seems we've brought back more than just our final adoption papers from Oklahoma. I've been sick with an upper respitory infection and Connor's been really sick too. I went to the Dr on Monday and Connor went Tuesday and today!!! He has Bronchiolitis or something like that. He's wheezing and coughing a lot. I didn't hear him wheezing on Tuesday but the Dr did through her stethaschope. Yesterday and today I could actually hear the wheezing and a rattling sound in his chest. We are giving him breathing treatments of abuterol every 4-6hrs but I haven't seen much improvement since they started on Tuesday. I am praying it goes away soon. I hate to see him sick. The dr said "well he's a happy wheezer" when she was looking him over today. ha ha He was just sitting there and smiling. He is such a happy baby.

Today we were at Babies R Us and a lady from the portrait studio came up and was talking to him. He was smiling at her and she asked if we wanted to come to the studio and let him model for her so she could practice taking pic's. I said "sure" and we ended up getting a free 8x10 and a free collage type picture just for letting him pose. He was so good and smiled in every pic. She took the cutest easter pose so I am gonna have to get copies of it. I might order some wallets for everyone because it is just the cutest picture I've ever seen of him! We are going back on Monday to get his 6mos pic's taken. I told the lady that I had called My Photographer earlier in the week to set up an appt but nobody ever called me back so guess they "snooze and lose". This place takes really good pic's . I'm wishing I would've taken him here for his baby pic's when he was a month old...Oh well. I will get a discount too because they have some deal for him being 6mos or something.

I set up Connor's Diego ball pit he got from Santa Claus and he LOVES it!!! He was having a good ole time playing in it yesterday. My niece Ashley got in it with him and the next thing we knew, Olivia (our dog) jumped in it. I need to buy more balls for it. I saw some at Walmart so will have to go there and get more. My sister said to him "Connor wanna play with your balls" and I said "umm that didn't sound right". ha ha

Oh did I mention that it's a drama to give Connor the breathing treatments? He HATES them and fights and cries when I give them to him. I've discovered if I sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" he will be quiet and just watch me sing. I was running out of animals that live on a farm so I decided to ad-lib and put our dogs in there for fun. ha ha He just watches me while I'm singing and it keeps his attention. When I sing other songs he starts to cry, so he must like that one.

Well hope you enjoyed the pic's :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's Official...He's Ours!!!

We are home from our trip to Oklahoma and our adoption is finalized! Woo Hoo!!!! We got our picture taken with the judge (as you can see). She was really sweet and of course I cried. I didn't realize I was going to be so emotional, but when we were standing there asking her to grant us the final adoption, (actually the attorney did all the talking), I got teary-eyed thinking about my precious baby boy and how much I love him and how grateful I am to his bio mom that she chose us to raise him. The judge smiled at me and said something about us creating a bond between mother & son and between father & son. That's when I really about lost it. Don was also teary-eyed. It was sweet. Our visit to the courthouse was all of about 5 minutes before the judge. LOL I was really shocked at how fast it went. Our awesome attorney wanted to get us in and out of there so we wouldn't miss our flight home which was supposed to be at 5pm, and our court appt was at 2pm. Actually we got in there early though. Anyways, we get to the airport and our flight was delayed an hour. So we doinked around, and I got a massage from this little lady sitting in the middle of the airport with a sign that said "minute massage". It was $20 for a 14min massage. What's up with that? I thought you pay $1 per minute, and if you spend more money you get a few extra minutes free. Well not at the good ole Tulsa Airport! You get jipped out of money. ha ha The massage felt good though and I was looking foward to relaxing on the plane ride home. So we go eat dinner at TGI Fridays in the airport(there's a picture of Connor at Fridays in his infant seat), then Don leaves us there to go check on our flight and he comes back saying it was cancelled! I was like "say what?"...We never did find out why it got cancelled, but they put us up in a run down hotel and gave us free food vouchers and booked us on a 6am flight for Sat morning! Can I just tell you how fun it is to get up at 3:30am and get a 6mos old up who's used to sleeping in til 8-9am and drag him out in the windy weather to catch a VERY small plane? We got to the airport later than we should have on Sat morning so after standing in line at the ticket counter, security and then to get some food to take on the plane, we were running late to board the plane. We should've been the first ones on the plane because we have a baby with us, but instead we're the last ones to board. We had to frick'n board the plane outside and climb up some portable stairs (with Connor in arms). By the time I got on the plane I was so darn hot from running around trying to get outside and I took my jacket off and only had on a tank top but did not even care! ha ha The plane ride home sucked majorly! I had 2 major anxiety attacks on the plane and was freaking out. Connor was good though. He fell asleep after take off and slept about an hour. He was awake the other 1.5hrs of the ride home. He was playing and wanting to kick the back of the seat of the poor lady sitting in front of me. I kept putting his legs out into the aisle but he would turn back the other way. Once we landed, I had several people comment on how good he was on the plane. Thank the lord cause we were very worried about him on a plane. (check out his plane pic's)

The flight to Oklahoma on Thursday afternoon went really smooth. The flight was on time and Connor fell asleep right before take off because it was his nap time. We arrived at the airport early so we had time to feed him lunch in the airport and make a bottle to give him on the plane. He slept for about 2hrs on the plane and woke up about a 1/2 hr before we landed in Tulsa. We stayed in the same hotel that we stayed at when we went to pick Connor up after he was born. We rented a Grand Caravan and can I just tell you how much I LOVED it! It was sooooooo much easier to put him in it and all the junk we travel with, than my F-150. I want a mini-van so badly! ha ha I posted a pic of me and Connor at Metro airport waiting to board the plane and a pic of Connor and daddy at Hooters in Tulsa. ha ha We took Connor there when he was 5 days old and bought him a bib, so we had to take him back again. This time we got him a t-shirt and daddy a matching one. LOL
For some reason this new blogger is a drama. When I post my pictures, it posts the last pic's that I add at the top. I was posting the pic's as I was going along talking about them but you need to view them from the bottom to the top to follow along in my post.