Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Connor & his Doggies

Connor is really into his doggies now. Whenever he sees them, he gets this big smile on his face! When they come up and lick him, he cracks up laughing. He loves to reach out and touch their noses and they usually give him a kiss on the hand. He loves his doggies and you can see in the pic's how he loves to stare at them. They are all very good with him too.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter Blahhhhs

Connor has been sick with a cold since Friday. This is his first really "bad" cold. His poor nose has just been so snotted up and I suction it out with the "booger hooker" but it jus gets plugged up again right away. I keep kleenex around at all times. He'll be playing and I look over and see snot dripping from his nose or he blows bubbles of snot. LOL Gross!

Connor has mastered "rolling over" now. Everytime you lay him down on his back he will flip right over. It's cute to watch, however very annoying when I'm trying to sleep early in the morning and he rolls over in his sleep and then wakes up crying cause he's on his belly. I flip him back over and then a few minutes later he's crying again. I'm not sure why he just doesn't roll back over to his back. I guess it would use too much energy while he's still half asleep. ha ha

It's been really cold the last couple days. I've been bundling Connor up like a little eskimo when I take him out in the cold. He's very warm blooded so he gets hot really fast and gets ticked off when he's all bundled up in the car. I have to strip off his hat and blanket once we get into the car. I wish I would've thought to take a picture of it. I will try to take one tomorrow so I can post it.

I'm going to post a picture of Connor and daddy watching tv. Notice how they are both in a "zone"? It cracked me up when I looked over and saw them both enthralled in something on tv. I can't remember what they were watching, but I'm sure it wasn't baby approved. LOL

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Roll Over Beethoven

Happy New Year! We went to PA to visit Connor's great-grandma the wknd after Christmas and came back on New Years Eve. We took the beagles with us and they enjoyed the trip too. Boomer stayed with Aunt Heather because there wasn't enough room for him to go and he's too big for Grandma's house.

Connor rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time yesterday. I was so excited! He's been trying to do it for the last few days, but he finally did it yesterday (on Elvis Presley's birthday & cousin Le-Le's birthday too). I put him on his back and then went into the other room for something, when I came back he was on his belly looking around. I was like "hey, I didn't put you like that" and then realized he rolled over. I put him on his back again and this time he rolled over for me to see. It's funny because he HATED tummy time, but for the last week I've been forcing him to be on his stomach a few times a day and now that he can lift his upper body off the ground he looks around and doesn't mind it much. Now, if we can just work on getting him to sit on his own, that will be great.

Last night I went to check on Connor before I went to bed and he was laying in the top corner of the crib on his side, with his face near the bumper pad. It stressed me out, so I moved him and a few minutes later, I went back in there and he was in that position again! Don said he checked on him this morning before he left for work and he was in that position again. Luckily I have a "breathable" bumper pad in the crib right now. It's not the normal one that came with the bedding. It's mesh so it won't suffocate him, but it still makes me nervous. We also have that baby monitor that comes with the sensor pad that you put under the mattress. It detects the slightest movements, so if baby stops breathing for 20 sec or more the alarm will go off. The last couple nights in a row it went off in the middle of the night. I jumped up and ran in there. The first night Connor had wiggled his way down to the bottom of the crib so the pad couldn't pick of his movements. The 2nd night though he was laying where the pad should be, but he was breathing when I went in there. I am wondering if he stopped breathing but started up when the alarm went off. I know it's normal for babies to stop breathing for a few seconds or have shallow breathing and then they have more deep breaths but good grief it stresses me out! I'm just glad we have the monitor because I feel a bit safer with it.

Connor's gonna be 5 mos on Jan 17th! I can't believe how fast time goes by. Every day I see more and more changes in him. Now he likes to put everything up to his mouth. He's playing with his exersaucer toys more too. He grasps his toys but he still is working on perfecting his coordination and he kinda just flails his arm around til he touches something and then grasps it. He also tries to hold his bottle and it's a battle to feed him. He pushes it out of his mouth and then I gotta struggle with him to get it back in his mouth because he gets mad after he pushes it out of his mouth. Another thing he's been doing lately is stiffening out and trying to wiggle off my lap when I'm holding him. I have no clue where he thinks he's going since he can't sit up, crawl or walk yet. ha ha He's just so much more independent already. I love the newborn stage, but this age is so much more fun because he interacts with me when I talk to him.

Yesterday, cousin Connor came to visit and they were so funny to watch together. This was the first time that Connor really noticed cousin Connor. He kept staring and staring at cousin Connor. I took several pic's and Connor was looking up at cousin Connor in every one. ha ha Then cousin Connor decided he wanted to take a bite of Connor's head. I got a picture of it before we pulled him away and he did any damage.