Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What a big boy!

Connor has been sitting in his walker/exersaucer like a big boy! We got him the Baby Einstein exersaucer and took the walker to Mamaw's, since she has level floors for him to roll around on when he's older. I love the exersaucer and it's cute to watch Connor look at the toys. I don't have a pic downloaded of the exersaucer yet, but have a couple from the walker.

He's been eating his cereal from a spoon in the mornings now. I have pic's but again haven't downloaded them yet. I'll save them for the next post. Connor's changing so much every week. Aunt Gerri and cousin Ashley play "1,2,3" with him where they grab his arms and say "1..2..3.." and then pull him up. He's learned that when you say "3" he starts trying to pull up. The little game seems to be strengthening his back and neck because he can hold his neck straight with his body now when he raises up and it seems more steady when you're holding him.

Connor's newest discovery is "kicking his legs". When he gets excited, he kicks those little legs all over the place. When I chekced on him in his crib the other morning, all I saw from the doorway were little legs kicking in the air. It was so cute. When he's on his stomach, he kicks with his legs like he's trying to crawl. Of course he's way too young for that yet, but it's funny to watch him moving them like a little frog.

Well enjoy the pictures and I'll post the cereal and exersaucer pic's later :) I put one in there of him after his bath. He feels so good after his bath and always babbles to me when he's clean. LOL

Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Halloween!

So I'm a little late posting, but wanted to list some pic's of Connor from Halloween. He didn't go trick or treating, just helped me pass out candy. I dressed him in his pumpkin costume that he wore a month ago for his pictures, and it was totally too small on him! LOL He looked like he was wearing capris or something. ha ha I dressed the dogs up too and you can check out their pic's on their blog site.

Connor's been changing so much every day. He is filling out and starting to look like a baby instead of a newborn. It just amazes me how fast he's growing. He's starting to kick and bat at his toys when laying under his activity mat. He likes to be held "upright" so he can look around or he likes to lay on the floor and look around.

Well enjoy the pictures :)