Connor Oneal & Lilly Grace

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Scary Experiences of Being a New Mom

I have to tell you about our trip to the ER in OK the day before we got home. Connor was laying there and spit up and fomula came out his nose! He started acting weird and arching his head back and turned really red. He wouldn't really cry and it looked like he couldn't breathe. I called 911 while Don suctioned his mouth and nose with the booger hooker and by the time the ambulance came he was crying and they said he seemed ok. They checked him out and said his oxygen level was good and his heart rate was good too. They decided to take him to the ER anyway just to make sure he didnt get any formula in his lungs. So they strapped Don to a stretcher while he held Connor. The funny part was my baby boy fell asleep in the ambulance! I followed them in the truck since we wouldn't have had a way back to our hotel if I didnt bring the truck. When we get to the hospital, Don realized he didnt have any shoes on! I was cracking up laughing about it! Once the DR came in and checked him out they set him up for an xray and I went back to the hotel to get Don's shoes and to get the infant seat I had forgotten in my panic mode! Don was gonna go get the stuff and let me stay with Connor in the ER, but I told him I didn't want him walking through the hospital without shoes on. ha ha Anyways, our baby was fine, and we got to come home with him but we didnt sleep well that night. We worried all night he would spit up again and have that happen to him.

Has anyone else ever experienced the fomula coming out of their baby's nose? If so, how did they react? Last night we had family over and they were bouncing Connor and all of a sudden, he projectile vomited all over Don's aunt! Then he started that whole face turing red thing and acting like he wasn't gonna breathe. Luckily Don's cousin was there and he's an EMT and he watched over him and said that as long as he is crying and making noises, he is getting air through his nose, and that it was probably just burning his nose or something so that's why he tilts his head back. Ohhhhhhhhhhh my god, I am having total anxiety over it because Don is going back to work tomorrow and I will be with Connor alone! I dont want him doing that with just me because I will surely panic! We have a DR appt in the morning so I am going to talk to her about this. Another thing he does to stress me out is fall asleep while eating and then starts choking cause he's too lazy to swallow the formula and then gets choked on it. Any advice moms? I am even more paranoid than I figured I would be! LOL

Friday, August 25, 2006

We're Baaaaaaaaaacccckkk!

We got the call on Wednesday afternoon that we were approved by MI to come home with Connor. So we packed up our stuff and headed out Wed evening. We drove straight through because we were too wired to stop and sleep. Connor slept just fine the whole way home. 18hrs after leaving OK, we arrived home! We did make a pit stop at my parents house so that Connor could meet his Mamaw and Papaw Hicks! My dad cried and of course made me cry! Once we got home, we took a nap and then my sister (Aunt Gerri) and niece (Ashley) came bearing gifts for Connor. Cousin Jimmy (my nephew) showed up a little while later and brought the cutest little outfits. I will take a pic of him in one of them today and post next time. It was a busy day with relatives in and out and I know this wknd will be more of the same.

Oooh I better run, I hear someone is up and grunting...Here are a few pic's of Connor with his Papaw Hicks, Aunt Gerri and cousins yesterday. Also a couple cute ones I had to throw in there for your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Waiting to Come Home...

We took bmom to the courthouse yesterday and she signed the paperwork terminating her rights. We took her to dinner afterwards and gave her a few little gifts. One was the birthmother bracelet I found on It was called "Three Hearts" bracelet. One heart for bmom, one for adoptive mom, and one for baby. It was really nice.

The paperwork was being sent to MI's Interstate Compact Agreement Agency in Lansing today (overnighted) and attorney said we should hear from MI tomorrow or Thurs and then once they give the verbal approval we can FINALLY come home! I don't know why I'm complaining because we haven't even been here a week yet, but I miss my family soooooooooooo much and CANNOT wait for them to see their new little grandson, nephew, cousin...

We might meet with the birthfather's mom tomorrow but not sure yet. We just told him to have her call if she wants to see the baby. She was invited to bmom's over the wknd and didn't want to come, so I am not sure why she wants to see the baby now...but whatever. Anyways, it's late, and I need to get to bed.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Connor's Birth Family

We had a nice visit with Connor's birthmother, birth grandparents and great grandma today. We are going to take his birthmother to the courthouse tomorrow to sign the paperwork and then he will be "ours"! We are beside ourselves with joy here. Don is such a great daddy and he loves his little boy! I am adding a few of my favorite pic's of Connor.

Love everyone :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Welcome, Connor Oneal!!!

Here are some pic's of our sweet little son, Connor! He was born 8/17/06. His birthmother called us on 8/16/06 and said her water broke and about an hour later, her mom called to say that he was born already! Enjoy the pic's of our new precious baby boy...